6 Types of Fans for Home Use that Every Homeowner Should Know

An air conditioner is the first choice for cooling a space or room in summer, isn’t it? But everyone can’t afford an air conditioner for home as AC is very expensive and you have to pay an enormous amount of electricity bill during the hot month. Fans are always been a second choice and the best alternative of an air conditioner. It’s very difficult to choose a perfect fan for your room because there are many types of fans available in the market and each fan type has different use and characteristics.

So, you will become very confused if you don’t have an idea about each type of fan. Don’t worry!!! After reading this article you must get a brief idea about types of fans that are most popular among the people for household use.

Different Types of Fans for Home Or Office Use Only

1. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fanA ceiling fan is a type of mechanical fan. Ceiling fans usually hang on to the ceiling of a room with the help of a solid rod far away from your reach. When you turn ON the switch of this fan, it starts to rotate in the clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction. The hub of the ceiling fan mounted with 3, 4, 5 and sometimes even more blades which constantly rotates 360 degrees.

Two kinds of ceiling fans are available in the market depending on the motor type. They are AC Motor Fan and DC Motor Fan.

DC motor ceiling fan can rotate in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. When the fan rotates in the anticlockwise direction, air only flows in a downward direction. When it rotates clockwise, it draws air upward. So, you can use a dc motor ceiling fan both in summer and winter seasons. DC motor fans are 70% more energy efficient than an AC motor ceiling fan. Moreover, DC motor ceiling fans are very quiet in operation.

2. Tower Fan

Tower Fan

Tower fans are the most popular type of fan of today’s world as they offer very advanced features that no other fans are able to do so.

They are very lightweight and slim. So, you can move this device from one room to another very easily.

Tower fans come up with a cylindrical container that holds the fans motor and blades. An electric motor help to oscillate this cylindrical container (that means the fan) 90 degree both in left and right.

The blades of tower fans (also known as impeller blades)are specially made such that it can move air from the cylindrical frame more swiftly. This kind of blades also helps to push the air in an upward and downward direction.

3. Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fan works and functions as a tower fan. But, it doesn’t look attractive like a tower fan. But they are very powerful then tower fan.

Pedestal FanThe full body of a pedestal fan sits on a height-adjustable stand that is supported by a strong round base. You can adjust the height of a pedestal fan if you want to direct the air above the ground. Also, they are best flowing air in a certain direction which means you can direct the airflow onto your face or around your bed.

Good to know that now pedestal fans come with remote control and a digital display which was very much rare a few years ago. This special feature makes it more user-friendly. Pedestal fan can oscillate like tower fan does (90-degree oscillation), so it can cover more area.

4. Window Fan

This fan designed to place inside a flame of the wall in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. A window fan uses to cool a room by flowing cool outside air into the room or exhausting the hot air of the room outside.

Most of the window fans have either one large fan or two fan side by side which also known as twin window fan.

Best window fans come with the automatic revisable feature which makes this fan work both in intake and exhaust mode.

A window fan can cool a whole room if you choose a fan with an accurate CFM rating that can cover your room.

5. Bladeless Fan

Bladeless FanJapanese Company Toshiba first introduced the concept of the bladeless fan, but Sir James Dyson Successfully launched Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan. This fan works like a vacuum cleaner, and a brushless dc motor is used in the bladeless fan. There is no invisible blade available in a bladeless fan. It typically sucks the air of the surrounding through the base of the fan and an unknown mechanism works inside the cylinder of the fan that amplifies the air 15 to 18 times before blowing out. This kind of fan is noiseless and 100 percent safe for small children and pets.

6. Desk/Table Fan

Table fan

This small oscillating wonder is best suitable for a single person. This fan is mainly used in the office or a person working at home on a desk. The Newer version of the desk fan includes a mist cooling system for extra cooling effects. It works excellently on your dressing table and bathroom for cooling.

Final Words

The 6 types of fan that we listed above is the best kind of fan that you can use in your home to cool the body temperature normal during summer. We don’t list attic fan and misting fan because they are not very popular as the 6 fan types we discussed above.

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