Things To Consider While Considering A Tower Fan

A tower fan is one of the greatest cooling options available in the hot season. If you find yourself suffering from extreme heat during the summer months, one of the best solutions is to get a high-quality tower fan. These type of fans feature a unique construction that allows for a wider air circulation coverage.

However, with the given richness of choice in tower fans on the market, how do you know which model is the best? Don’t worry, we have got your back – we spent a lot of time analyzing the basics of the tower fans, their key functions, and benefits and came to certain conclusions.

Today, we talk about how to choose the best tower fans for your apartment. To help you choose, we also analyzed the best tower fan models available on the market and outlined their main pros and cons. Let’s start with the basics.

Why Should You Choose Your Tower Fan Carefully?

While a tower fan is a simple appliance, choosing one can be a daunting task. If you are new to tower fans, you might not be aware of the specifics of this device or of what to look for in a tower fan. It is okay, you are in the right place. In the course of the next 10 minutes, you will be well equipped to make a wise choice.

Energy saver

We believe that it is vital to find a balance between the power of a tower fan and its cooling ability, and the energy efficiency of this device. As a matter of fact, tower fans are a very affordable cooling option.

Nevertheless, while choosing a tower fan, it is necessary to pay attention to the power of the device. The more cooling capacity the appliance has, the higher are its operational cost.


Tower fans feature a sleek eye-pleasing design that is able to add style to your apartment. Therefore, when choosing your tower fan, pay attention to the different design solutions provided by the producers – it can also serve as an interior decorative item in your house. Their elegant designs are created to blend into the living environment.

Efficiency And Quality

One of the key reasons you need to be careful while choosing your tower fan is the potential issue of low efficiency and quality of the model that may arise. Where high-quality models will deliver the best results without causing any issues for you or your house, the cheaper, poorer quality models tend to be unstable due to their construction.

As we mentioned before, the appliance is tall and slim, and if the base of the tower fan does not meet the standards set by better quality fans, it is possible that the unit may fall over and damage the floor.

Poor quality tower fans are also potentially dangerous for children. Therefore, make sure you purchase a tower fan that is made out of solid and strong plastic with a sturdy base.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Tower Fan

There are several things you need to look into when buying a tower fan. While we mentioned some of them in the previous section, here we will discuss them and some other factors in detail.


When it comes to tower fans, size definitely matters. You need to choose a tower fan based on the room, where you intend to place it. Larger areas will need bigger tower fans and vice versa. Normally, the product description of the tower fan will give you an idea of the area that the fan can cover.


Oscillation is one of the most important features of the fan. It is not a secret that most tower fans can oscillate, but only the high-quality ones will oscillate at different speeds. Moreover, you would also like to know how far the fan is actually able to oscillate.

If you have an irregularly shaped apartment, I would recommend looking into the oscillation abilities of the fan more closely.


The remote control is an outstandingly convenient feature of any appliance, the same as of the tower fans.

A remote control allows the user to turn on/off the fan without having to go near the appliance.

Another cool feature that complements a good tower fan is the sleep timer feature.

This feature will allow you to set the timer and go to sleep – your fan will work for the period of time you have set and will shut off automatically.


Pay close attention to the material of the tower fan, when buying it. Modern tower fans are made of plastic, which makes them very lightweight. However, if the plastic is of poor quality, the device will not last long.

Thus, opt for high-quality plastic tower fans. The plastic also makes them portable, which is a great advantage, since you can use the same device in different rooms, which is impossible with some stationary models.


Regardless of if you have children in your household or not, safety is one of the key factors to pay attention to. Make sure that the safety grate that covers the fan is not large enough to let fingers through it.

Some of the fan grills are detachable for cleaning, while others are not. Go for the removable grills, since your tower fan will need regular maintenance to prolong its life.

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