5 Best Pedestal Fans in India (2020)

Since the invariant summer season has arrived, a good ventilation system is required to provide you with the comfort and relaxation you need at home. For setting up good aeration inside your house, you need to have windows in every room and further require installing a few fans at desired positions. The ceiling fans provide you air only within its range, and the air that reaches you may not be as soothing. Thus, to cope up with your personal and dominant aeration requirements, a pedestal fan is going to be a perfect choice.

There is a large variety of pedestal fans available in the market. The ONE which is going to be the best one for you is solely dependent on your needs. Furthermore, to make your decision the best one possible, we are going to provide you with a buying guide at the end, comprising of the required information you need to have before purchasing a pedestal fan.

Best Pedestal Fans in India

Orient Tornado 450mm Pedestal Fan

Orient comprises of a wide range of standing pedestal fans. This Orient Pedestal Fan comes in with command of a tornado-like breeze that can circulate air all over the big halls as well as rooms in a house. This pedestal fan also has an innovative blade outline and construction. The Thermal Overload Protector can also be reset so as to provide protection from overheating. The slim pulling cord switch has also been included to add control alongside an extra-large metallic base for solidity.

Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal Fan

This is an amazing pedestal standing fan from Bajaj. It comes in with a remote and is powered with a top-class speed fan that rotates at 1300RPM. The overall power this fan consumes is really low at 55 watts, and thus you can freely use it on an inverter. This pedestal can also be operated with timers, which may be set to further save electricity without giving up your comfort. It also has a top-performing acrylic blade that provides the best air delivery and works more silently than typical metal blades.

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

Usha is a brand that deals in several homes and kitchen appliances of good quality, and, dare I say, all of them offer amazing performance. This range of pedestal fans presented by Usha is amazing and contains an ample amount of features – which the customers would truly treasure. This pedestal fan from Usha offers high air delivery along with semi-transparent PP blades that have an aerodynamic design. The unique oil reservoir lubrication gives it a longer life and better reliability.

Havells V3 Turbo 450mm Pedestal Fan

Havells is a brand that is well known for its wide range of home and kitchen appliances and them having the best quality to serve the needs of customers. The Havells V3 Turbo Pedestal Fan is also a nice addition to its wide range of appliances since it is perfect for any house or office. This pedestal fan comprises of 3 120cm powerful blades along with a sturdy 450mm blade sweep. The overall power that the Havells V3 Turbo consumes is 100 watts, and the pedestal fan comes with a 2-year brand warranty.

Eurolex Aviator 400mm Pedestal Fan

With the addition of Eurolex Aviator Pedestal Fan in your rooms and halls, you are going to feel comfortable in any sort of weather. The stylish and trendy standing fan eradicates all distress present in the confined space, thereby revitalizing your whole body. The Eurolex Pedestal Fan’s air delivery is top-class and dependable, especially considering it has the finest motor that has been fueled with aerodynamically intended blades that make the most of your air conditioners by producing a comfy gentle wind.

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