Differences Between Pedestal Fan & Table Fan

Differences Between Pedestal Fan & Table Fan

The two major power-saving fans are pedestal fans and table fans. There is definitely some visible difference between the two fans.

Fans are an inevitable part of our lives. From being available only in one type which was a punkah fan to being a ceiling fan to table fans, wall fans, pedestal fans, etc – they have come a long way. Since people nowadays are eager to save on electricity and money the attention is leaning more towards pedestal fans and table fans. These two fans are very power-saving fans and can cut your electricity bill to a great deal. Pedestal fans are fans with long detachable stands and can be moved in any direction whereas table fans are also similar to pedestal fans but with a smaller stand and they are kept on tables. There are some differences between both of these fans, let’s have a look at them.

Here’s How A Pedestal Fan Differs from A Table Fan:-


The size is obviously the most visible difference. The best pedestal fans have a longer stand that is detachable while the table fans do not have a detachable stand. Table fans are shorter in length and can be placed on tables that are directly facing towards a person.


Usually, pedestal fans are lightweight as they have light blades and the stand can be detached too. Table fans are heavy since they are small and the blades are heavy too. You can buy an online table fan in India.


Pedestal fans are multifunctional. They can be moved around easily and the air is circulated throughout the room without any physical effort. Pedestal fans also have more airflow. Table fans are heavy so they are very difficult to move in different directions. The airflow also doesn’t reach longer directions. Table fans are perfect when you are working or just need air for one person. Pedestal fans are best for big rooms or events. You can buy an online pedestal fan in India.

Working Principle

Though these fans look really similar, the working principle of both fans is different. Table fans have a single-phase induction motor which is the main part of it. When the fan is switched on, the electric current reaches the motor of the fan and immediately reaches the coil of the wire which is wrapped around the core. Then electricity generates and the blades start rotating. In pedestal fans, an electromagnetic field is created between the rotor and stator because of the electrical potential which causes the rotor to spin and provides power to the fan causing the blades to spin and circulate airflow.

These are the basic differences between the two most economical fans. You can get both of these types at an affordable range from the best fan company in India for pedestal fans, table fans. Wall fans, etc – Bajaj Electricals. They manufacture the best products.

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