5 Best Cheapest Ceiling Fans in India 2021

Which is the best ceiling fan brand in India? There are not one, but many reliable ceiling fan brands in the Indian market that sell energy-efficient, super quiet ceiling fans. My favorite ceiling fan brands, however, are Usha, Orient, Havells, Gorilla, and Bajaj. These brands make high-quality energy-efficient fans. They last many many years.

Which are the best ceiling fans in 1500 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling ceiling fans from 1000 to 2000 Rupees’ price range. The suggested ceiling fans are currently a top favorite of buyers in the market.

Best Cheapest Ceiling Fans in India

1. Bajaj Edge High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Bajaj brand has many ceiling fans on the market. The best among them from those which are priced below 1500 Rupees is Bajaj Edge. This Bajaj ceiling fan has a powerful 66W motor with double ball bearing. Hence the motor has more power and efficiency than standard ceiling fan motors.

Moreover, the ceiling fan will not wobble while running so it will give uniform air delivery.

Bajaj Edge High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Is the Bajaj Edge ceiling fan the right choice if you are looking for a long-lasting ceiling fan below 1500 Rupees? The answer apparently is NO when it is compared to its best alternatives. One of the best alternatives to the Bajaj Edge Ceiling fan is Luminous Josh.

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2. Luminous Josh High-Speed Ceiling Fan

We always look for fans whose power consumption is less but air delivery is high. Finding such cooling fans is not easy especially when the max budget is set to 1500 Rupees.

68W Luminous Josh 48 Inch Ceiling Fan

Usually, budget ceiling fans like those which are priced under 1500 Rupees have an air delivery of 200 to 210 CMM. And, they will have a motor whose power consumption will be above 70W.

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3. Hindware Stunner Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

The Hindware fan is currently the only anti-dust ceiling fan, which is priced below 2000 Rupees. Its current market price is 1700 Rupees. The wings of this anti-dust ceiling fan are hard coated with rust-resistant paint. Hence dust won’t stick on them. Once in two to three months, the blades have to be thoroughly wiped to make them as shiner as they were on day one.

Hindware Stunner Anti-Dust Ceiling fan

A powerful 75W copper motor powers this Hindware dust-resistant fan. The motor has a double ball bearing. Hence it runs silently and expected to last almost twice longer than the usual lifespan of a basic ceiling fan motor.

Hindware is a well-known home and kitchen appliance brand in the Indian market. This brand manufactures products in India. So, there is no reason not to trust Hindware products.

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4. Orient Ujala Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fan

The motor capacity is one of the key factors to consider while buying a ceiling fan. Usually, home electronics with a high capacity motor is considered better. In the case of a fan, however, motor capacity should be less. But the air delivery of the fan should be high.

Orient Electric Ujala Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

The Orient Electric Ujala is an excellent energy saving ceiling fan. If I am not wrong it is the cheapest energy saving ceiling fan in the Indian market. It features just a 50W motor, whose max speed is 360 RPM. Hence, the air delivery of this orient fan is very impressive. Its air will reach every corner of a medium-size room.

The motor of the Orient Ujala energy-saving fan has a double ball. So, its performance very smooth, less noisy, in fact almost silent. There will be almost no noise from the motor while this fan is running. If there is any noise that will be due to moving air by the twisted blades of this fan.

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5. Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

In every product segment, there is a market leader. Havells is the market leader in the fan segment, though Orient Electronics is the market leader in the ceiling fan segment. Orient makes best-quality ceiling fans. Its innovative Orient Aeroquiet has been a most-talked-about ceiling fan in the market. It is a premium ceiling fan priced above 4000 Rupees.

Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan with Double Ball Bearing

Currently, the best ceiling fan under 1500 Rupees from the Orient brand is Apex-FX. There is no ceiling fan in 1000 to 2000 Rupees range as superior as this Orient fan is.

In the selection ceiling fan, the two most important factors to consider are motor quality and air delivery. Orient Apex-FX ceiling fan features a 12-Pole motor with double ball bearing and a copper coil. Bigger and more robust is the motor, longer the ceiling will last without service.

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