Best Table Fans Under ₹1000 in India

Table fans are compact and portable appliances when you want to direct airflow in non-reachable areas of a room like corners.

Usha, Bajaj, Havells, Luminous, Orient are some of the best table fans in India. They are priced under Rs. 1000 based on quality and performance.

Best Table Fans in India

1. Usha Maxx 55-watts Air Table Fan

Usha is the most trusted Indian brand which is why we placed the Usha Maxx Air first in our list.

The table fan is like your buddy, keeping you cool no matter whether you are in your study, kitchen or balcony. The best part about this table fan is its motor overheat protection, which gives it a long life.

Engineered with high innovation, the fan has a broad base, that keeps it sturdy. So, even though you place it near windows or areas where there is more movement, the fan will not trip easily.

Also, because of its aerodynamic blades, there is better air delivery. You can use it in your a/c room for better circulation of air.

Usha Max Air comes with 100% copper motor, making it stand the test of time. The heat protection feature also protects the motor from eventually wearing off.

The RPM is 1280 which falls within the acceptable range of 1200 to 1300RPM, helping your motor to work well without taking the load of speed.

The blades are made of polypropylene which is more like plastic, making the fan lighter and produce less noise.

Usha Maxx fan grill is well guarded with 120 ribs and has a powder-coated guard which makes it color durable. This means that no matter how many times to wash the grill, it will not lose its sheen.

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2. iBELL 55-watts Table Fan

Ibell as a brand has gained quite a prominence off late. Possibly because of the wide variety of futuristic products that it offers.

Take for example the iBell CADIET2 Premium fan that comes with a self-lubricating motor. The motor can take care of its fiction on its own, without you having to worry about oiling it regularly.

What we also noticed is that just like Usha Maxx even this one has aerodynamically designed blades which means it will offer better airflow, unlike the old-style flat blades that push against the wind resulting in slow rotation and no cooling effect.

Also, Ibell has a protective grill too, which is powder-coated, helping the color to not wear off that easily.

It is a fully plastic fan with wide blades, that makes it lightweight and noise-free.

The motor speed of the fan is 1350RPM, way above the average RPM. So, no matter how scorching the heat is, this fan will help you stay cool.

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3. Crompton  50-watts Table Fan

Crompton Greaves is a brand name that has existed since 1937. The company has sustained itself because it understands the customer’s needs way too well. This is the first reason why we have included Crompton in our list of best.

The second reason is its high performing ability which includes advanced motors, extra strong materials, striking looks, and intuitive controls. The Hi Flo Eva table fan stands true to all these qualities.

It has a wide base that will help you to place it anywhere, even on a rough surface.

Both the base and the body of the fan are made of plastic, so it steady and lightweight too, making it easy for you to carry it around.

In fact, while researching we also found out that the plastic blades of the fan make much less noise than you can sleep like a baby with nil disturbance.

What we also liked by Crompton’s table fan is 1300RPM motor speed and 3-speed control. Which means less load on the motor.

The auto swing feature of Hi Flo Eva helps in circulating the air properly

It has an ergonomic design with the knob right at its neck that enables free movement towards the front and back.

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4. H Hy-Tec 65-watts Table Fan

The first thing that we noticed about the H Hy-tec table fan was how polished it looks, and then we delved a little bit deeper and found out that it is because of special grade plastic material that is used to build this fan.

The brand H Hy-tec has been in the market for more than a decade now, which means it very well understands its customer’s nerves and has been manufacturing products as per their needs.

The table fan has a novel base design and looks no less decorative than any other item that you did wish to keep in your home.

Also, just like the other fans in our list even this one has aerodynamically designed blades, which means less noise and stronger air delivery.

Because of its compact size, you can actually place it anywhere from kitchen to bathroom to a nearby table to shop counters, etc.

Another feature that we loved is that the motor is connected to a fuse that automatically shuts it’s off in case of thermal overloading. Which makes H Hy-tec is the best product for areas suffering from voltage fluctuations.

Also, the fan has a unique oil reservoir lubrication, which gives it a longer life.

The motor speed of 2400RPM. However, you do not have to worry about the motor getting overloaded, as it also has motor overheat protection.    Also, there is a 3-speed control option, which makes it ideal for all weather conditions.

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5. Havells 55watts Table Fan

Safety is one thing, but enhanced safety is more assuring, and that is exactly what the Havells Birdie Personal table fan provides.

Its spiral mesh-like grill will ensure neither the little fingers of your kids nor the tiny fur of your pet gets entangled with the fan blades.

Havells Birdies dons a unique rocker design that allows the fan to rotate 360 degrees, covering all the corners of your room. In addition, the fan’s aerodynamically designed 3 leaf abs blades with aerofoil section makes air pass through its ridges smoothly, giving you maximum air supply even with minimal speed.

The material used is plastic, making it a lightweight product, durable.

The motor is a powerful 2 pole capacitor, the types usually used for large air conditioners or heat pump units. The speed of the motor is 2800 RPM, that helps it to reach far wide, no matter its small size.

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