5 Best Table Fans For Home & Office in India 2020

This year’s scorching summer is the only reason enough for you to go ahead and invest in a table fan, which offers an incredible value by working in coordination with an air conditioner to spread the cold air across the room.

With a table fan, you will be able to direct the airflow towards the area you want it to and the products with oscillating features prove to be much more useful given their ability to over a larger area.

Many popular brands have a different price range of table fans available at your disposal and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We have listed below 5 best table fans that you must consider.

5 Best Table Fans For Home & Office

 1.  Usha Maxx Air

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan

1) Indian brand Usha has established itself as a go-to brand when it comes to any kind of fans available in the market and table fans are no different.

2) This 400-watt table fan takes the top spot in our list, thanks to its superior build and the value it offers given its pricing and set of features.

3) A blue and white styling gives it a simple yet elegant look for placing it in any room.

4) It has a novel base design that houses the fan controls and its wide translucent blades ensure a higher air delivery.

5) Another motor works to make the oscillation jerk-free and gives uniform air across the room.

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2. V-Guard Lap Breeze

V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Breeze

1) Designed for use by a single person, this table fan from V-Guard is smaller than other products in the category given its usage.

2) It has a sweep size of 250mm, which should be quite enough for the purpose it is intended to, and it should also allow for placement in a congested space for it won’t take much space on your table.

3) Besides including the oscillating feature, the table fan also allows for manual angle adjustment with an up and down movement.

4) Rated at 40 watts for power input, the fan can run at 1200rpm offering an excellent airflow. Its stand houses a knob that lets you adjust the fan speed with up to three choices.

5) The compact table fan comes included with a brand warranty of 1 year.

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3. Orient Electric Desk Fan

Orient Electric Desk-17 300mm Table Fan

1) A medium-sized table fan from Orient comes with a span of 300mm and its blades are designed aerodynamically to offer maximum air delivery while minimizing any drag.

2) The fan can be used at three different speeds and a rotary switch has been included on its base.

3) A resettable thermal overload mechanism has also been included to protect the motor and ensure its long life.

4) A 90-degree oscillation is supported by this table fan and it also has a tilting option to direct the air exactly where you are.

5) It is a 90-watt fan that comes covered with a 2-year warranty from the Orient along with a brand promise that should give you peace of mind.

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4. Crompton High Flo

Crompton High Flo Eva 400mm Table Fan

1) Sporting a much larger sweep size of 400mm, this table fan from Crompton ensures an adequate airflow covering a much larger area.

2) It has a simple yet elegant design that should perfectly fit inside any kind of room without looking absurd.

3) High-quality plastic has been used as the base material that is ideal for prevention against shocks.

4) Its fan motor can run at a maximum speed of 1300rpm offering an air delivery of 70 cubic metres/minute.

5) Given its size, a wider base has been included to keep the fan sturdy and it also houses the fan controls which are quite easy to operate.

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5. Havells Crescent

Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan

1) In case you have an extremely compact space, then this table fan from Havells should be ideal for its relatively smaller footprint.

2) The fan doesn’t look a conventional table fan and comes with a dual-tone finish making it look much attractive for its size.

3) Its small size also means that you have an option to mount this fan on a wall besides placing it on a table.

4) A revolving grill has been included to spread the air to cover a larger area and it comes with 3-speed operations allowing you to choose the ideal setting based on the weather.

5) The company has included a number of measures to ensure your safety and its fan runs at 1350rpm while consuming about 38 watts of power.

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