5 Best Pedestal Fans Under ₹5000 In India

Pedestal fans are portable forms of electric fans. They are light in weight, quieter, and can be moved anywhere you want.

They are suitable for hostel rooms, office cabins, and other small rooms where ceiling fans and air conditioner installations are not possible. Usha, V-Guard, Crompton, Havells are the popular brands providing the best pedestal fans in India.

They are available in an affordable price range between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000. To purchase the right pedestal fan, we recommend considering the below factors…

Air Delivery: As the name implies, it represents the amount of air circulation per minute. It is measured in cubic per minute (CMM). We recommend choosing a model that provides the highest CMM value.

Fan Speed: It is usually measured in RPM (rotations per minute). Pedestal fans come with two different options – variable and fixed. Fixed speed means the fan will run at a constant speed. If you want to control fan speed, then go for variable speed. Usually, variable pedestal fans come with 3 speed settings – low, medium, and high.

5 Best Pedestal Fan Reviews in India

1. Havells 55-Watts Pedestal Fan

Beat the summer heat with this white fan by Havells that produces powerful air to make you comfortable during the sultry weather. It has an adjustable height, blades made with high-quality fiber and 3-speed settings. This white Havells looks sleek and works silently in all three speed-settings. It also has a 2 hours timer, in case if you want the fan to go off after you sleep or are using it to dry clothes in the rainy season.

This Havells stand fan is at the top of our list owing to its super-stylish look, brand value, low consumption of energy, and high-performance.

It consumes just 55 watts and operates with an engine speed of 1350 RPM. With this fan’s low power consumption and timer setting, you can enjoy a high-performing fan without having to pay a hefty electricity bill.

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2. Usha 60-Watts Pedestal Fan

The Usha Maxx Air is a stunner in pure white. It is yet another pedestal fan that is durable, reliable, and gives an excellent performance. This fan is easy to assemble and has aerodynamic blades for silent operation. This Maxx Air model by Usha is a value-for-money product that comes with motor overheat protection.

It ranks 2nd on our list of the best stand fans in India because of its RPM rate. It is 1450 and along with a powerful copper motor, it is very effective for the weather conditions in India. However, it lags by one position as it is slightly heavier to carry, weighing 15.5 Kgs. However, you get an added benefit with this stand fan as you can tilt its head and adjust its height to your liking.

It consumes 60 watts, which is a little more than the consumption of Havells fan. And its airflow delivery rate is 67 CMM, which is slightly lower than our first product on this list.

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3. iBell 55-Watts Pedestal Fan

The iBell Chrome 10 fan is the best budget buy on our list. The easy-to-maintain black color will blend in with the interiors of your home seamlessly. It helps you bear the summer heat by keeping the house well-ventilated and breezy. With an RPM of 1350, it is a must buy if you are on a budget.

In our opinion, this stand fan is among one of the best in India and ranks 3rd on this list. It has 5 blades made of high-quality plastic for powerful air and moderately quiet functioning. It also has 2 hours timer, tilting knob, adjustable height, and 3-speed settings so that you can adjust the air output to your liking.

The total weight of the iBell Chrome 10 pedestal fan is just 5.6 kgs, which makes it super-easy for you to carry it around. This fan consumes 55 watts of power for operation and its air dispersal is even and is perfect for a medium-size room. This fan works at 1350 RPM with a 406 mm sweep.

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4. Crompton 50-Watts Pedestal Fan

Crompton is known for manufacturing high-speed fans and other electrical appliances of outstanding quality. The Hilfe 400 Pedestal Fan in white is sleek, produces a powerful wind that is bound to relax you in the humid weather. This pedestal fan is made of plastic and has an adjustable height up to 4.5 inches.

It rules the 4th position owing to its superb performance, high-quality build, and brand value. It also has a smart look that will enhance the decor of your interiors with its presence.

This fan has three blades with a sweep of 400 mm and a motor speed up to 1300 RPM for high-speed wind. The oscillation mechanism functions smoothly and has extensive angular coverage. This Crompton Hiflo fan consumes only 50 watts to operate.

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5. ANSIO 120-Watts Pedestal Fan

This high-speed fan from Ansio is yet another great product on this list. There are three blades made of ABS plastic that rotate at a super-fast speed to generate a breeze to cool you down. There are three-speed settings and a head tilting mechanism. The height is adjustable and has a 2-hour timer setting.

It is an efficient pedestal fan that is superb for indoor usage. We are placing it on the 5th position as there isn’t much brand value that you can associate with Ansio. However, this one is equipped with all the necessary features to make your summer comfortable.

There are three-speed settings of this fan by Ansio. The RPM at the lowest speed is 1750. At medium speed, it is 2000; while the highest speed has an RPM of 2300. It consumes 120 watts to generate a strong wind to make you comfortable even on the hottest of days.

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