Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India

Bathrooms are the most humid places in the entire house, and without a good bathroom exhaust fan, there are high chances of mold and other fungus growth.

Not only that, damp and moist bathrooms often are ground zero for many dangerous and easily contaminable diseases. Thus it is essential to drive out odors and moisture out of the small room as soon as possible. An exhaust fan is specifically designed to do just that.

An exhaust fan works on the principle of suction. Opposite of any normal fan, these fans are pointed to the outside of the room, and when turned on, they rotate anti-clockwise. Thus they suck the odors and damp air from inside, push it outside while pulling in fresh air from outside to inside.

Choosing the best bathroom exhaust fans is a difficult job. On the one hand, you need a fast fan to push out as much air as possible as fast as possible, but these are way too noisy. But if you pick a silent operating fan, they may not be able to function in a better way. This article will help you make an informed choice on which one to pick.

Top 5 Exhaust fans in India

Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mmTopping our list is the Luminous exhaust fan Vento. This deluxe fan is made out of plastic and has a 200mm sweep capacity.

Bright white in color, the dimensions for this fan are about 33 cm X 14.5 cm X 32 cm, and thus it is ideal for a 10 inch * 10-inch wall window space. This exhaust fan is not just a staple for bathrooms but is a perfect fit for kitchens too.

Made entirely out of plastic, do not let the quality fool you. It is as sturdy as it can get. Easy to get mounted on the wall, its ability to handle the odors of the bathroom and the smoke, grease, and lint from the kitchen are equal.

Apart from offering good ventilation, the fan is energy efficient too as it operates at a wattage of 35 watts. It offers a smooth winding and noiseless operation.

But the only problem with this fan is the speed of operation. Comparatively, it seems to be a little lagged in this area, but at the same time, it seems to compensate this by high suction power.

The Luminous  Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for any product malfunctions during the warranty’s tenure.

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Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust FanThe next product on our list comes from Havells, a trusted brand for home and kitchen appliances in India. The Havells Ventilair DSP is a metal Exhaust Fan with a 230mm sweep.

It features high-quality metal blades and a body that offers amazing performance. The three sharp blades, just like others, help in the uniform distribution of the air in all directions.

With an air sweeping size of 230 mm, it helps in better air delivery. This device’s energy consumption is about 400 watts of electricity, which is probably a concern if you are on a shoestring electricity budget.

Though the fan’s working speed is 1350 rpm, it is incredibly noiseless in operation and provides optimum airflow for sucking out the air from inside.

It is also fast in pushing it outside too, thanks to its 700 cubic meters per minute suction power.

Weighing around 2.77 kgs, this fan is easy to install. If you want an exhaust fan from a reputed brand with advanced features like a high-performance motor, jerk-free oscillation, and superior low voltage, you can consider this one Havells Ventilair 130mm Roof Mounting Exhaust Fan (White),  which is available at a slightly higher price.

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Usha Crisp Air 200mm Exhaust Fan

Usha Crisp Air 200mm Exhaust FanUsha is a well-known brand in Indian households for a long time now. The Crisp Air exhaust fan comes in with the same trust and quality that Usha has brought to the Indian Middle class for ages.

One of India’s best fans at an affordable price and probably the only fan on the list that features an automatic shutter. It is also one of the few fans on the list that comes with rust-proof features and has a stylish and sleek design.

First, let us talk about the automatic shutter featured in this, which automatically opens the fan’s rear shutters due to airflow whenever the fan is switched on. Even though the fan is made out of metal, the blades and the body is coated with anti-rust powder painting, which aids in the prevention of the formation of any rust on it.

With a sweeping size of about 200 mm and a motor speed of 1300 rpm, the fan aids in better air delivery and suction, thus providing better exhaust.

Light in weight and noiseless in operation, the fan is also energy efficient with a meagre consumption of only 40 watts, thus having a shallow impact on your electricity bill.

The Usha crisp is available in the 200 mm variant and available in the 150 mm variant and a standard 250 mm variant.

Apart from the poor quality of plastic, the Usha crisp performs well and is an incredible addition to your bathroom as an exhaust fan. 

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Orpat Ventilation Fan

Orpat Ventilation Fan 6 InchThe Orpat Ventilation fan is a simple 6 X 6-inch fan with a very minimal energy consumption plastic bladed axial fan.

With a total air sweep of 150 mm, the Orpat fan has a stylish design. A plastic netted cage-like covering and a blade with a neat and unique design. The small blades help in the sharper cutting of air and thus facilitate higher airflow.

Also, the fan has inner fuse protection. This protection will ensure that in the event of high electricity or voltage surges, the fan does not get damaged due to it.

The motor of this ventilation fan claims noiselessness but has a certain decibel noise, which, in a wider opinion, can be learned to ignore.

Apart from that, this fan’s low air suction power is also a concern that one needs to look after. Having said that, it should be pointed out that this is one of the most affordable fans on the entire list. If your bathroom is a small one, where you are just a family of 2 or 3, then this is a perfect purchase.

The Oprah ventilation fan comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year for any defects or malfunctions during the warranty’s tenure.

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Bajaj Maxima 300mm Exhaust Fan


Bajaj Maxima 300mm Exhaust FanBajaj needs no introduction in India. A trusted brand of home appliances in India, Bajaj’s Maxima is a 300 mm sweep exhaust fan from its maxima ventilation fan collection.

Built out of special high-grade plastic, this fan promises a longer life than most fans on this list.

As mentioned, it has a sweeping size of 300 mm and 5 blades, all of which promise to provide better air delivery and clear out the bathroom’s dampness.

To aid this sweep, the fan has a motor that runs at a speed of 1000 rpm at a meagre power consumption of 55 watts. But for larger bathrooms, this fan speed may not be an ideal fit, which is a minor let down of the fan.

Apart from the 300 sweep version, Bajaj’s maxima also has 150 and 200 mm sweep variants priced differently but functionally at the same level as the 300 mm quality.

Bajaj provides you with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for any product manufacturing defects or malfunctioning during the warranty’s tenure.

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