Top 5 Best Cooling Tower Fans To Buy In India

Unlike the traditional air conditioners and air coolers, tower fans are relatively new to our Indian market. But trust me; the market is already flooded with enough models to confuse your buying decision. As you are just started with the process of finding the best tower fans, we help you with our buying guide and our genuine reviews. I bet, before you finish up reading these top 5 best tower fan reviews, you will know the evitable and inevitable features of a tower fan that will help you decide which one you really need. 




Whether it’s a cord-free vacuum cleaner or a stylish tower fan, Dyson knows how to handle air efficiently. It’s known to create a revolution from the day it has entered into the business. If you haven’t come across its products before, try it once, you will love it. They are all ultra-modern. We have tested Dyson AM07 personally and here is our detailed review.

Air multiplier technology used in Dyson Cool AM07 delivers an uninterrupted airflow that is both cooler and powerful. This airflow is efficient enough to make your room cooler in a matter of a few minutes.

While most of the tower fans in the market feature 5 or lesser number of settings (low, medium, and high), AM07 offers 10 different settings so you can take full control over the speed and temperature of the entire atmosphere where the fan is placed.

Dyson fans are known to be the first quietest fans that are ever made. Apart from streamlining the airflow path, they also housed a Helmholtz resonator within every machine that helped them achieve a high level of quietness. Trust me; with this level of quietness, you would almost forget that the fan is still running in your room.

You can set the timer to 15, 30, or 45 minutes or you can set the timer in hourly increments (1 to 9). After the set time, the fan will shut off automatically. Energy Saving!

Since Dyson AM07 is bladeless, you don’t need to worry even if your pet or child experiments his nose with the fan. There is no place on the fan to keep his fingers or nose anyway.

The industrial design of Dyson AM07 has no way of ruining your nice home decor. They can only add extra elegance to your home.

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2. LASKO LAZER Max Air T48300IN

best tower fan with remote control

Air Products of LASKO have a good reputation in the USA market. The tower fan we review here, T48300IN is an Indian version of the USA model T48300. Like Nova and Dyson Tower fans, this LASKO LAZER comes with a built-in air ionizer. Undoubtedly, it helps you breathe clean air. You can use 3-speed settings to regulate the airflow and it can be set in the oscillation mode for widespread airflow. An automatic timer can be set to 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, or 7 hr (Automatic electricity-saving). It’s 4 feet tall, sleek design can definitely add elegance to your home offices, bedrooms and living rooms. This E.T.L listed tower fan is secured with a fused safety plug.

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VITEK High-Velocity 120-Watt tower fan is designed super stylish. So whatever your room style is, it can match without any trouble. Its powerful airflow can fill in any small room of size 150 to 180 sqft. This tower fan comes with three different speed settings (High/mid/slow) which can be controlled using a remote control or manually. It has got a timer control. Depending upon your requirement you can program the timer up to 8 hours. By default, it should be kept in the vertical louver and so it gives a 90-degree oscillation. However, you can focus anywhere (vertically or horizontally) and can make the air to flow around. Any operation you choose will be displayed on the LED display panel, placed at the top of the tower fan.

You can use it either in an air-conditioned room or in the non-air-conditioned room. This wondrous machine literally offers everything you want and most importantly, it is available at a reasonable price. This tower fan is designed with high-quality rust material and they offer a 2-year onsite warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.

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The space-saving sleek design of the Usha Efikas fan is built to fit in any narrow space of your living room. This Oscillating tower fan Can be placed anywhere where other fans can’t fit in. Tubular Centrifugal blower along with its snazzy LED display sports a premium look to this compact fan. Its 3-speed settings give you the comfort you need. Being operated by the high-end eco-control motor, it takes only 35 watts to blow the cool air around. You can enjoy the quietest air without moving your couch. The remote control can be easily operated by both children and adults.

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The U.S version of this same model is a market winner in their country. It got so many happy customers with its powerful airflow. It offers 3-speed settings to regulate the airflow. It’s natural breeze and sleep mode can keep you cool and comfortable at all the time. To operate it from a distance, this model also comes with remote control. Separate space is given on the tower fan to keep this remote control so you don’t need to keep it somewhere and search again. When set in a higher position, this tower fan can oscillate air throughout the room. This movable tower fan can be set either as a floor fan or as a standing tower fan depending on your requirement.

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