5 Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs 2500 in India

Looking for the best Ceiling Fans Under 2500 in India? Gadget Spy can help you to find a perfect budget keyboard for you. During the summer season, a good quality ceiling fan is considered a must for your house. You are buying the ceiling fan first time or you want to replace your existing fan with a better one, you have too many choices available and it may be difficult for you to decide which ceiling fan you should buy to get the best product against your valuable money. The following are ceiling fan lists related to six best ceiling fans available in the market which will surely help you a lot in making the best decision regarding the purchase of ceiling fans under 2500 in India.

Best Ceiling Fans Under Rs 2500 in India

Orient Electric Ujala Energy-Saving Ceiling Fan

The motor capacity is one of the key factors to consider while buying a ceiling fan. Usually, home electronics with a high capacity motor is considered better. In the case of a fan, however, motor capacity should be less. But the air delivery of the fan should be high.

Orient Electric Ujala Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

The Orient Electric Ujala is an excellent energy saving ceiling fan. If I am not wrong it is the cheapest energy saving ceiling fan in the India market. It features just 50W motor, whose max speed is 360 RPM. Hence, the air delivery of this orient fan is very impressive. Its air will reach every corner of a medium-size room.

The motor of the Orient Ujala energy-saving fan has a double ball. So, its performance very smooth, less noisy, in fact almost silent. There will be almost no noise from the motor while this fan is running. If there is any noise that will be due to moving air by the twisted blades of this fan.

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Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

In every product segment, there is a market leader. Havells is the market leader in the fan segment, though Orient Electronics is the market leader in the ceiling fan segment. Orient makes best-quality ceiling fans. Its innovative Orient Aeroquiet has been a most-talked-about ceiling fan in the market. It is a premium ceiling fan priced above 4000 Rupees.

Orient Apex-FX Ceiling Fan with Double Ball Bearing

Currently, the best ceiling fan under 2500 Rupees from the Orient brand is Apex-FX. There is no ceiling fan in 1000 to 2000 Rupees range as superior as this Orient fan is.

In the selection ceiling fan, the two most important factors to consider are motor quality and air delivery. Orient Apex-FX ceiling fan features a 12-Pole motor with double ball bearing and a copper coil. Bigger and more robust is the motor, longer the ceiling will last without service.

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Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan with Double Ball Bearing Motor

Havells is one of the most preferred brands for long-lasting home electronics. Its products are slightly costlier than the products of other regular home electronics brands, though they last longer because of their outstanding build quality. The Havells Pedestal Fan in my native home has been in use for the last seven years. In terms of performance, it is as good as it was on day one.

Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer is undoubtedly one of the best ceiling fans under 2000 Rupees. As far as I can recall it is only ceiling fan with a motor with double-bearing. Plus, it is a Havells product. Therefore, you can rest assured that this Havells ceiling fan will last more than 5-years without service. With the powerful motor and high-lift long wings, it delivers TOOFANI Hava. If the electricity problem persists in your area, then this fan is a perfect choice.

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Luminous Morpheus Ceiling Fan

Luminous, the famous home inverter brand, also sells a quality ceiling fan. Its Morpheus ceiling fan model is currently, one of the best ceiling fans to buy under 2500 Rupees. Luminous has introduced it in four-color designs. Their prices fall in the range of 1200 to 1500 Rupees. They have 48-Inch high-lift aluminum blades for maximum air delivery all across the room.

Luminous Morpheus Ceiling Fan

Most of the budget fans in the market have an 8-Pole motor. However, a 12-Pole motor with 20% extra copper winding powers this Luminous ceiling fan. That means its motor is extra sturdy and will last much longer than you expect.

The Luminous fan will easily last more than 10-Years. Oil it once in a year and change its capacitor once in three-four years. The cost of a branded ceiling fan capacitor is 30 Rupees only. Serving will cost you less than 200 Rupees. That’s it.

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Activa Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

I am sure you don’t know much about the brand Activa. Even I am seeing the brand name on a product for the first time. Activa is a Delhi-based desi brand for home and kitchen appliances.

You will be suggested branded and non-branded options when you go to local electronics shops to buy a ceiling fan. Consider Activa ceiling fan, a semi-branded ceiling fan. Since the ceiling fan is a primary home appliance, you can take a risk.

Activa 5-Star Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

At present, the cheapest anti-dust ceiling fan is Usha Striker whose price is 2600 Rupees. The Activa anti-dust ceiling fan, whereas, is available for just 1500 Rupees. The ceiling fan motor is BEE 5-star rated. That means it will consume much less power than the 0-star rated motor of most of the branded ceiling fans in the market.

Besides, the ceiling fan has received ISI certification for the best quality assurance, according to the brand. Also, to protect your investment for an Activa Ceiling fan, the brand offers a 2-years warranty. I think the risk is worth taking.

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