advantages of air cooler

Advantages of Air Cooler

Do you have that small area in your home or business that needs to be cooled down? Many of us do. It is a room that is always warmer than the rest of the house or a workroom that your air cooling system doesn’t reach. Maybe you live in a small hot apartment that doesn’t get air conditioning or work in a hot, stuffy space that is miserable without air.

Many people turn to tabletop or ceiling fans for such areas, but fans will not help keep the space cool. They push around the same hot air. Have you thought of using an air cooler for some relief? They are better than the fan and are better than air conditioners. Here’s why:

Advantages of Air Cooler

How They Work


Air coolers work by converting the warm air in the environment into cool air by way of water. A fan blows the warm air over a water-saturated pad that cools the air and adds a bit of moisture before blowing it out into the air of your environment.

The warm air is converted to cool, moist air. This process is natural and does not use harmful chemical coolants as portable air conditioners do. This unit reduces the heat that comes into the room.

Newer models come with new technologies that combine an air cooler and air conditioner benefits all in one portable unit. Many models come with more than one speed. Some models come with a shut-off timer that can be set to your preferences. They even come with remote control option to turn your cooler on from across the room.



These small air cooling systems pack a punch in cool, fresh, and refreshing air for a limited space. Portable air cooler units are one of the most inexpensive cooling units on the market today. The standard portable air cooler is more affordable than window air conditioners. They are cheap to purchase, and the owner can complete their installation.



Portable units are just as their name implies. They are not permanent units but can be taken where you want and need them. Many models have caster wheels that can be moved from room to room to cool the area you are in all day long. Most units are also lightweight (approximately 13 pounds) and can easily be picked up and carried for even more convenience.

Take your unit to the workroom, to a job with you, and then home to help cool you as you work in the kitchen or other house areas. Run it in the bedroom or out on a hot enclosed sunporch. The choice is yours, and a portable unit will keep up with your lifestyle.

Installation and Maintenance

These units are easy to install. An adult can easily do the job. There is no hose to connect or compressor to deal with as portable air conditioners have. Because the air cooler works to convert warm air to cool, all they need is to be positioned by a window. Open the window an inch or more, according to the directions that come with your unit. Do not worry about letting warm air in. It is needed for the unit to then cool that air and cool your room.


Plug the unit into a regular electric outlet. Pour water into the tank. Point the front of the air cooler to where you want the cool air directed. Then turn it on and enjoy the fresh cool air. Keep water in the cooler tank. This will keep the pads wet and the cooler operating sufficiently.

The owner can do maintenance without expensive professional fees attached. Most coolers come with an instruction manual that will walk the owner through any problems and tell you how to fix them yourself. Make sure to follow all instructions on maintenance for your unit. A well-maintained unit will run at peak performance and will cool the air efficiently throughout each day.


health benefits of air cooler

Portable air coolers help our health through their natural cooling. It is only water and air, nothing else. They help to cut down on allergies as the air is always fresh and never stale or stuffy. These units are highly recommended for areas of high heat and low humidity. A portable air cooler can offer that small bit of moisture needed in the air to make your breathing space easier and more comfortable.

They are beneficial for everyone in these environments, whether you already run an air conditioner or the main air cooling unit in your home. The portable versions are wonderful additions and can be run anywhere to offer the moisture needed in the dry, stuffy air.

For homes with air conditioners, the portable air cooler can offer just enough moisture to keep health hazards associated with dry air (such as nose bleeds and sinus infections) to a minimum.

Air coolers come with a way to sanitize the water to kill bacteria. Some units will do this automatically to ensure you get the cleanest air possible, a more sanitized air than air conditioners or fans can offer.

Air coolers are the perfect addition to any home. They are healthy. Practical and convenient, and they work to meet the owner’s needs and desires. There is nothing better to keep the air cool where you need it most.

I think after knowing all these benefits you definitely go fr an air cooler and also my suggestion to you is to choose from a good air cooler brand because it will be long lasting and also has some great features.

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